Gem Accounts Support Portal

Our new Help System and Version 4
It's a new year and a new look for Gem Accounts!
We have kicked off the year with two big changes. Firstly our new support system. To help us help you, the decision was made to change to LiveAgent to mange our support systems. With this also brings in product help guide access and gives you the ability to send us a questions quickly and easily.
To use this, just click on the chat bubbles in the top menu.
And the second big change for the new year is the release of Version 4! The new version contains a new slicker top menu and icon set, a new cleaner font throughout and a bunch of new changes that we will be releasing over the new few weeks. The first changes are the ability to manage your companies in the SME and MME versions. To Access this new feature click the company icon in the top menu.
We hope you love this changes as much as we do and we look forward to bringing you more great new tools and features in 2015!
The Gem Team