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Activating Your Subscription

Signing up to Gem Accounts gives you a 30 day unlimited trial, after which you can subscribe to either the ONE, SME or MME version, otherwise you can remain on the free version of the product for life. More information about the versions can be found at http://www.gemaccounts.com/plans-pricing/.
All information that you have entered during the trial period will carry over to your new plan. If you would like to activate your account during the trial period, you will not be billed until the end of your 30 day trial.
To activate your subscription, go to https://live.gemaccounts.com.

Activating Your Subscription

1. Log in using the details (Company ID, Name and Password) that were given to you.
2. At the right most, click on Activate Subscription.
3. Enter all the necessary information such as Name on Card, Card Number, Expiry Date, CVC#, Billing email address.
4. Hit Activate Subscription.
5. Once done, this is how your page should look like:

Managing Your Subscription

Manage Subscription field will show you your recent transactions.

Updating Your Subscription

Update Subscription field will let you update your subscription payments details.