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Roles and User Setup

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Roles define what a user can do or access with the system; and this is controlled mainly by the Administrator. 

Adding or Editing a Role
You can either editing an existing role by click the role description or click 'Add Role' to add a new role. You can then enter a role name and then tick the options you wish the user to have access to.

*Note* The role "Admin" is a special super user role and cannot be edited or deleted. This role gives the user;

  • The ability to access all companies if running multi-company versions of Gem Accounts
  • The ability to access subscription and billing
  • Automatic access to new features as they are released. (other users may need their role changed to access new features)

We recommend that at least one person within the organisation has this role on their login.

Applying Roles to Employees

Any user that requires access to Gem Accounts must be setup as an Employee. Employees can be found under the People menu. For the purpose of accessing Gem Accounts, all that is required is a Name and under 'System Login & Settings' a role needs to be selected along with a Login username and Password.

Logging In

Once the user logs in, they can change their password under 'My Account' in the Top Menu. My account will also allow the user to enter a signature for system emails, define the date format, number format and language that is most preferable.