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Accounts & Dropdowns - Tracking Accounts

Gem Accounts allows you to restrict the use of accounts throughout the system to help reduce data error.

This article explains where Tracking and Non-Tracking options are used throughout the system.

    Tracking Non Tracking
    Income COGs Tax Income Expense Tax
AR Transactions AR Line Item            
  AR Tax            
  AR Total            
  AR Payment            
AP Transactions AP Line Item            
  AP Tax            
  AP Total            
  AP Payment            
Parts Inventory            
  Income X          
  COGs   X        
  Tax Accounts     X      
Services Income       X    
  Expense         X  
  Tax Accounts           X
Assembly Income X          
  Tax Accounts     X      
Labour/Overhead Labour/Overhead            
  COGs   X        
  Tax Accounts            
Employee Cards Payroll AP            
Customer Cards AR            
  Tax Accounts            
Vendor Cards AP            
  Tax Accounts            
Payroll Payment Type            
  Leave & Accural            
Cash Manager Receipt AR            
  Payment AP            
  Receipt Payment            
  Payment Payment            
  Receipt Discount            
  Payment Discount