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Multi-Company FAQ

What is Multi-Company?

Multi-Company is a way have having multiple company files linked together. This allows a user to be able to switch between files without loggin in and out and also to provide cross company reporting.


Can you have companies in different currencies?

Yes. As each company has it's own company file, each allows it's own setup including setting the currency for the file.


How do I create a new company?

First you must have the Admin Role. Then click on the company name in the top right menu and click 'Create' to create a new company.


How do I change companies?

Click on the company name in the top right menu bar. The list will display all companies you have access to. Click the name of the company you wish to change to and you will be taken to the dashbaord for that company.


How do I give users access to companies?

First you must have the Admin Role to grant access. All access and roles are configured in the parent company. This is the first company made. Under the Employee card you can configure access to companies.


Can you limit access to each company?

Yes. You can choose which company a user has access to as well as restricting different access levels to each company using Roles