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Recurring Transactions

Recurring Transactions is the ability to run a series of repeat transactions to customers at specified intervals. Example is when you give your debit or credit card details to a company and authorize a series of payments to be taken from your account. These payments can be for regular or irregular amounts and frequencies and do not require the customers/vendors to provide any further consent at the time of authorization. 
If you have an accounts and amounts that are identical each month, this recurring journal entry might be referred also as a Memorized Entry.

When you save a recurring transaction from your AR/AP Transactions using the  button, you can specify how often you want your transactions to be recorded, and for how long you want to schedule it. For example, you can schedule your car payments monthly, for the next 22 months. Or you can open the transaction as required, alter the details, for example if you make regular sales to a customer and vary the items, and then record the transaction.