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Employees Card File

Employees are the people who are hired to work for in return for financial or other compensation.
• Basically we can record here our Employee's contact information such as Name, Address, Email, Phone, their assigned Employee Number and the likes.
• Next is to setup their accesses and restrictions on your software like assigning their Roles for their company accesses; but we will need to create Roles in System > Company > Role.
• Third, is to record their Banking Information for the purpose of their pay or salary.
• And lastly, build their Payroll Configuration such as their Payment Types, Pay Period; and their Leaves and Accruals.
• Reminder: When you have mistakenly missed the Employees Number field, it will automatically generate a number for the specific employee.

Command Button Actions:
 to change information entered by including the most recent information
 to keep or store information entered
 keeps and/or stores new information added to the same employee without changing it's assigned employee number
 Generates a new employee number
 Will delete the employee. Delete is only available if no payroll has been processed for the employee