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Download Backups

Your data is YOUR DATA.
At GEM Accounts we believe not only that every client should understand their accounting and financial data ownership rights but that they should have complete and unfettered access to their data at any time.
GEM Accounts has a stringent policy around data security and integrity. We run a number of failsafe backup systems that take both on the fly transaction backups as well as full daily snapshot backups of every client database. These are then stored both locally and offsite. We also employ Amazons Premium Backup Storage services to keep an additional encrypted copy of all backups which are populated to all Amazon data centres globally.
GEM Accounts provides you with the ultimate in 24/7 backup facilities - and gives you one click access to download these for peace of mind.

As such, we provide you the ability to download a copy of the daily backup of your database. There are two types of files that can be downloaded as shown below;
 This download file is an encrypted backup of your Gem Accounts database for your backup purposes that can be sent to our support department for restoration of your database if required. This file is NOT user open able.
 This download file is an export of your Gem Accounts database to a usable CSV format. The file is a zip file that contains a CSV export of every table in your database and can be used for additional reporting and data mining.