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AP Transaction

AP or Accounts Payable is money owed by a business to its suppliers shown as a liability on a company's balance sheet.
Payables are often categorized as Trade Payables, payables for the purchase of physical goods that are recorded in Inventory, and Expense Payables, payables for the purchase of goods or services that are expended. Common examples of Expense Payables are advertising, travel, entertainment, office supplies and utilities. A/P is a form of credit that suppliers offer to their customers by allowing them to pay for a product or service after it has already been received.

• On this field, you will be able to record your every payable transactions with your vendors or suppliers.
• Be able to to change information entered by including the most recent information using the button.
• View your data on a printable page using the  button.
Publish, report and/or divulge your payable transaction using the  button.
• Be able to save and link your payable transaction on to the field: System > Recurring Transactions; using  button.
• And create another entry with the same information creating a new number record using the  button.