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Converting Quotes to Sales Order and Sales Order to Sales Invoice

A. How to create Quotes
Quotes – is a statement in response to a request for a quotation sent to the customer to supply the goods or services at specified prices within a specified period and contains terms of sale and payment.
Go to Receivables > Create Quotes
• Enter the details like the vendor name, item, description, and quantity.
• Hit UPDATE button to bring about 
the most recent information about your quote created.
• Preview and review on your quote created to check if everything is done and good.
• Hit SAVE button to save quote created.
• You can now hit PRINT and send the quote to your customer or to your vendor/supplier.

B. How to convert Sales Quotes to Sales Orders
Sales Orders – are a confirmation of the Sales Quote issued to the customer that you are providing them with the goods and/or services.
Go to Receivables > Search AR Quotes (then open the Quote you created)
• Click on Sales Order (at the bottom of the Quote page). This does 2 things: It copies the sales quotation and creates the sales order and closes the sales quotation in the system.
• Hit SAVE button to save data entered.
• Sales Order is now done and created.

C. How to convert Sales Orders to Sales Invoices 
Sales Invoices – are a document that shows details of goods and/or services sold and the prices they were sold at.
Go to Receivables > Sales Orders > Search Sales Orders (open the sales order created)
• Enter the number of items you wanted to sell/ship to the customer. (You can do the whole amount of quantity or partial amount).
• Click Sales Invoice (at the bottom of the page). This brings you to the sales invoice screen with all the details on it. It copies all the items across and it only has the quantity of items shipped. It also has the prices for the items that are billed.
• Click
POST to publish, report and/or divulge your entry